Find Your Inner Vampire

In Indianapolis, Botox and Restylane injections are two of the most common procedures I perform at my practice. Yet there are still some patients seeking wrinkle-reducing results and would rather not have a toxin injected into their face, despite the fact that these procedures are very safe. With this in mind, I am excited to announce that the Cosmetic Surgery of Indianapolis practice is now one of a growing number of practices that can perform a more natural injectable procedure known as the Vampire Facelift!

What is a vampire facelift?

Do not be fooled by the word “facelift.” In fact, it has nothing to do with a surgical facelift. This procedure is the newest and most natural injectable procedure that is out there right now. So what is this new injectable? It’s a combination of your own blood plasma and filler.

First, blood is taken from the patient’s arm as if they were donating blood. The blood is then spun down and separated into stem cells and platelet-rich plasma. The plasma part is then mixed with a filler which becomes what is called Selphyl and injected into any problem areas on the face.

But why blood?

The plasma actually builds collagen which is what helps reduce wrinkles. This mixture will also add color back into your face, something we lose as we age. It is important to note that collagen does cause plumping so not every spot on the face should be treated with Selphyl. This procedure is more for areas that have started to sag, wrinkle, lost their elasticity or have started to sink in.

But there is even more. Don’t just write off the procedure as a face only one. The vampire facelift has been dubbed safe by the FDA for other areas such as the back of the hands and lips as well.

Are there any risks?

Because it is your own blood being put back into your body there is no allergy testing required. Bruising is also very limited since the filler is watery and thin compared to other filler types. But perhaps the best part of this procedure is that you’ll heal rapidly, almost like a real vampire.

How long does it last?

A vampire facelifts lasts up to fifteen months. This is longer than one session of Botox. However, with either procedure, I highly recommend coming in for tune ups here and there to see longer lasting results. In all senses, this is a great alternative for those who would rather gain a youthful appearance in a natural way and at less cost to their wallets.

Would you consider having a vampire facelift?

To your health & beauty,

Dr. Michelle Jones Singer

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Bank Your Fat Now

Most patients that walk into the Cosmetic Surgery of Indianapolis practice seeking liposuction only want to shape their bodies into a sexy silhouette. The thought that their fat could ultimately be used to their benefit rarely crosses their minds. Cosmetically, the fat can be transferred and used like a filler. But new studies suggest that our fat from liposuction could also be beneficial to our health later on down the road.

Our fat contains high amounts of stem cells. If you’re familiar with stem cells, you’ll know that they have a unique ability to produce daughter cells that, when exposed to other cells, can become other cells. If daughter cells are exposed to blood cells, then the daughter cells can become blood cells, etc. This unique ability has caused scientists to study stem cells intently in hopes that this could be the key to combat ailments such as heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, and even cancer.

And, although nothing has been proven yet, scientists also believe stem cells to be the reason why fat transfers have been so successful in recent years. Because liposuction procedures have progressed, more intact fat is able to be removed from the body. The more intact fat there is, the more viable stem cells there are. The more intact fat there is in a fat transfer, the more likely it is to succeed, and scientists believe it’s the stem cells’ doing.

Despite the fact that the fat transfer idea has yet to be proven, we do know that stem cells have a lot of potential to help us. We also know that stem cells become less viable and lose their ability as we age. This is why some people have actually begun storing their fat after a liposuction procedure.

Although only one fat bank currently exists in the United States, more are bound to pop up as we continue to study the workings of stem cells. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should wait. Viable stem cells only last so long. And, on the plus side, you’re not only potentially saving your life down the road, but receiving a beautifully contoured body in the process.

To your health and beauty,

Michelle Jones Singer

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The Struggles Of Eating Is In Your Head

Weight control is an everlasting struggle, especially as we age. Dieting and exercising can only go so far until we reach brick wall. What’s more, those cravings for greasy burgers, fries, and extra thick milkshakes can only be fought for so long. Yet, in a country where obesity is becoming an epidemic, it is now more important than ever to ditch the fat on our bodies.

Liposuction, performed at the Cosmetic Surgery of Indianapolis practice, is one option a person may take. But due to it being a body contouring procedure, not a weight loss procedure, patients must already be within their weight range. A tummy tuck is also an option, but once again, this procedure is not going to help a patient who is suffering from obesity.

These days two thirds of the United States’ adult population is considered overweight or obese. Sadly one third of children and adolescents are also considered this. This being the case, the chances of life expectancy lowering is at all-time high. If we don’t get our health in check soon, we are in serious danger.

So why is keeping our weight in control so difficult?

According to statistics, twenty five percent of men and forty three percent of women make an effort to diet each year. How many actually succeed in losing the weight and keeping it off? Statistics vary between five and twenty percent, though it is probably closer to the five percent range, and it seems our brains are part of the reason why so many fail.

Though our stomachs let us know when we need to eat, our brains can even be more powerful. Even if we aren’t hungry or simply consciously avoiding most junk food, our brains are determined to hold on to our body’s fat. Just being in the vicinity of a greasy burger can cause the brain to trigger you into not only wanting, but needing, to taste that hefty meat patty. You may have just eaten, but your brain will insist on that burger, and sometimes the hungry brain’s power simply beats the power of the no so hungry stomach.

Scientists hope to pinpoint just what it is in the brain that is causing us to over eat. By doing so, America will finally be able to get back on the health wagon. But until then, your only option is to fight those urges your brain is trying to pull you towards and continue to make an conscious effort to exercise.

To your health and beauty,

Michelle Jones Singer

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New Findings on Why We Age

Aging has always been believed to be a gradual wearing out of cells. As our cells begin to wear out and die, out bodies begin to show signs like wrinkles and fine lines, especially on our faces and the back of our hands. It’s nothing a little Botox or Restylane can’t fix. If you want to be even more daring, you can have one of the doctors at the Cosmetic Surgery of Indianapolis practice even perform liposuction on some of your problem areas, such as your thighs and hips, and then transfer the fat to your face to rid it of all those lines.

But what if aging wasn’t your cells wearing out? What if there was an actual method to it all?

Recent studies suggest just this. A link between normal aging and the aging disease Progeria has recently been established. Progeria, if you aren’t familiar with it, is found in children and causes them to age seven times faster due to a toxic protein called progerin found in high amounts within their bodies. That same toxic protein has now been found in healthy human beings too. It seems that our bodies are triggered to produce this in much lower amounts, causing us to age at a much slower pace than children with Progeria.

This means that a random wearing out of cells is not the cause of aging. It also gives evidence that aging is a biological mechanism that is programmed into our cells from the very beginning. This being the case, Progeria may be caused because of a mess up in the biological mechanism.

So many new doors have been opened up because of this research. It will not only benefit children with Progeria, but everyone, as we strive to understand the aging process even more.

To your health and beauty,

Michelle Jones Singer

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Car Exhaust And Your Skin

Some of the most popular treatments performed at the Cosmetic Surgery of Indianapolis practice have to do with making our patients look younger. As aging occurs, the face loses its fullness, causing lines and wrinkles to appear, not to mention a more hollowed appearance. In order to combat these issues we provide Botox, Restylane, and fat injections. Fat injections in particular are a two for one procedure since the fat being used is liposuctioned from other parts of your body. Each treatment will give you varying results of youthfulness in your face.

But what if aging isn’t as natural as we thought?

To be fair, aging is a natural part of life. But there are some factors that could be causing your skin to age faster than usual. Recent studies have announced that the area you reside in could be hindering your skin. It seems that after a twenty year study, it’s been found that people living in heavily industrialized areas age faster than people living in rural areas due to all the airborne particles from car exhaust. Therefore, residing near a highway may be great for your commute to work, but terrible for your skin.

But problems from traffic-related airborne particles are more than just skin deep. It has previously been linked to lower lung function, cognitive failure in the elderly, and type two diabetes. It may even have a hand in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s, which is being studied now.

Along with solar ultraviolet rays and tobacco smoke, traffic-related airborne particles are now the third most harmful potentially modifiable major factor that causes early skin aging. However, though we can usually avoid excessive amounts of sun, and stay away from people smoking, we can’t always choose where we live. If this is the case, the Cosmetic Surgery of Indianapolis is more than happy to keep your skin looking beautiful and young.

To your health and beauty,

Dr. Michelle Jones Singer

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The Fats Of Life

Fat can be a great and healthy thing for our body to have. Fat stores energy, influences our ability to fight infection, regulates our blood pressure, and even affects the way blood forms clots. But this doesn’t mean that you should be gorging yourself with fatty foods, because like all good things, too much becomes a bad thing. In fact, one type of fat can cause some very severe health issues for you if you have too much on your body.

It is called visceral fat, and no amount of liposuction, even at the Cosmetic Surgery of Indianapolis practice, will get rid of it. This fat settles in your abdominal cavity and around important organs. Diabetes, cardiac disease, high cholesterol, and hypertension are just are few health problems associated with this type of fat.

So why won’t liposuction work?

Liposuction is only meant to access the fat right underneath your skin, called subcutaneous fat. A belly pouch, as well as the extra flab residing around your thighs and hips is subcutaneous fat; all easily removed with a simple liposuction procedure. But a beer belly, visceral fat gone wild, just won’t benefit from such a procedure.

Surprisingly, it’s not just the obese that can have large amounts of visceral fat. In fact, MRIs showed that many healthier appearing people had large amounts of abdominal fat. Therefore, their health is at a high risk too.

So how do you get rid of visceral fat?

There are few medications available that curb appetite or deter fat absorption, as well as bariatric surgery; however, these options are usually reserved to patients that are obese or at least already very heavy. Other than those options, the only other way is to exercise and eat healthy to combat this dangerous fat. Perhaps in the future there will be a procedure to rid the body of visceral fat, but until then it is up to you to get yourself healthy.

To your health and beauty,

Dr. Michelle Jones Singer

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Male Plastic Surgery On The Rise

In the past few years the Cosmetic Surgery of Indianapolis practice has seen a steady increase in male patients. It’s no surprise considering that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is reporting that cosmetic procedures on men has increased a whole 2% from last year, compared to 2009. According to the report, men underwent more than 1.1 million minimally invasive and surgical procedures.

The report also stated that the most popular surgical procedures for men are nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, liposuction, breast reduction and hair transplantation. Botox treatments top the most-popular list of minimally invasive procedures, followed by laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, chemical peel and soft tissue fillers.

But why are men turning to cosmetic surgery? It seems that men are starting to pay more attention to their appearance! Breast reduction and hair transplantation are especially popular with younger men. These young men are embarrassed to go to the beach or the pool and take off their shirts, in fear that someone may take a jab at them for having breasts the size of a woman’s B or C cup. These young men are embarrassed that they are losing hair in their mid twenties and early thirties. Having either of these procedures produces great confidence in men, and they are thrilled with the results!

Interestingly enough, facelifts are becoming increasingly popular with older men around the ages of 50 and 60. They are part of a particular generation, the baby boomers, and have paid a lot of attention to how they look. Diet and exercise is their friend, however, some things such as a “turkey neck” simply won’t go away without a cosmetic procedure. These same men are also seeking to appear younger because they tend to worry that they might miss out on a job opportunity if they look older.

As time progresses, I can only guess that even more men are going to make their way into my office, and  I am fully prepared to give them the results they want.

Do you know any men that have undergone a cosmetic procedure? Are you male who has had plastic surgery? If so, what procedure did you have?

To your health and beauty,

Dr. Michelle Jones Singer

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