Find Your Inner Vampire

In Indianapolis, Botox and Restylane injections are two of the most common procedures I perform at my practice. Yet there are still some patients seeking wrinkle-reducing results and would rather not have a toxin injected into their face, despite the fact that these procedures are very safe. With this in mind, I am excited to announce that the Cosmetic Surgery of Indianapolis practice is now one of a growing number of practices that can perform a more natural injectable procedure known as the Vampire Facelift!

What is a vampire facelift?

Do not be fooled by the word “facelift.” In fact, it has nothing to do with a surgical facelift. This procedure is the newest and most natural injectable procedure that is out there right now. So what is this new injectable? It’s a combination of your own blood plasma and filler.

First, blood is taken from the patient’s arm as if they were donating blood. The blood is then spun down and separated into stem cells and platelet-rich plasma. The plasma part is then mixed with a filler which becomes what is called Selphyl and injected into any problem areas on the face.

But why blood?

The plasma actually builds collagen which is what helps reduce wrinkles. This mixture will also add color back into your face, something we lose as we age. It is important to note that collagen does cause plumping so not every spot on the face should be treated with Selphyl. This procedure is more for areas that have started to sag, wrinkle, lost their elasticity or have started to sink in.

But there is even more. Don’t just write off the procedure as a face only one. The vampire facelift has been dubbed safe by the FDA for other areas such as the back of the hands and lips as well.

Are there any risks?

Because it is your own blood being put back into your body there is no allergy testing required. Bruising is also very limited since the filler is watery and thin compared to other filler types. But perhaps the best part of this procedure is that you’ll heal rapidly, almost like a real vampire.

How long does it last?

A vampire facelifts lasts up to fifteen months. This is longer than one session of Botox. However, with either procedure, I highly recommend coming in for tune ups here and there to see longer lasting results. In all senses, this is a great alternative for those who would rather gain a youthful appearance in a natural way and at less cost to their wallets.

Would you consider having a vampire facelift?

To your health & beauty,

Dr. Michelle Jones Singer


About Michelle Jones Singer, MD

Michelle Jones Singer, M.D., is a licensed and board certified M.D. in the State of Indiana with over 20 years' experience serving Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville and Zionsville. As a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jones Singer specializes in body sculpting, breast enhancements, Mommy Makeovers and minimally-invasive treatments such as Botox, dermal wrinkle fillers, and skin treatments such as microdermabrasion. Visit her website at or call us today at 317.708.4228.
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