A Tummy Tuck With Less Hassle

The Cosmetic Surgery of Indianapolis practice emphasizes minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. One particular procedure becoming popular with my patients is the minimally invasive tummy tuck, sometimes called the Avelar tummy tuck. Not only does the procedure give better results than just liposuction, it gives comparable results to the traditional tummy tuck.


So what’s the difference?

One of the main differences is that a minimally invasive tummy tuck keeps the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels intact. With a better blood supply I can perform more liposuction without the worry of abdominal skin loss. The use of a drain after the procedure is also unnecessary due to the intact lymphatic vessels. A traditional tummy tuck requires the use of a drain for up to 14 days, something not everyone wants to deal with.

The other perk is that my minimally invasive tummy tuck does not require the patient to be under general anesthesia. This procedure is done in the Cosmetic Surgery of Indianapolis’s office under local anesthesia.

Each patient has been happy with their minimally invasive tummy tuck results, which are comparable results from a traditional tummy tuck. In fact, I might even say that they are better since more fat can be removed from the upper abdomen with this procedure. So what are you waiting for? You can finally get that tummy you’ve always wanted with less hassle compared to other procedures.

To your health and beauty,

Dr. Michelle Jones Singer

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Got a flat butt? Want a solution?

Did you once have a perfectly round derriere only to have it sag and flatten with age? Or perhaps you were simply born with a flat bottom from the get-go? Whichever the case may be, you can now get that beautiful backside you’ve been missing out on in my Indianapolis cosmetic surgery office.

The procedure is known as a Brazilian butt lift, and there are two kinds. The first procedure involves a silicone implant being inserted in each buttock to give them shape and definition. However, I don’t favor this method since the side effects are extreme discomfort, lasting between 6 to 8 weeks, especially when sitting down. Who can stand up or lay on their stomach for 6 to 8 weeks?

Many Indianapolis cosmetic surgeons prefer to use implants because it’s just easier. I prefer to use a patient’s own fat to augment their butt. This means I liposuction fat from areas the patient would like contoured, sterilize and spin down the fat and then inject it into each buttock. Using fat improves firmness, contour and projection, and looks and feels more real than an implant.

Perhaps the best part of the fat transfer augmentation is the fact that my patient ends up with more than just a beautiful butt. The patient also receives a sexy, re-contoured body that can only make her feel sexier! The liposuction removes fat my patient doesn’t want, and puts it in her rump. Perfect solution for a better shape!

So, don’t sit around on your flat, shapeless butt. Let your body fat be the thing that makes your butt be the most gorgeous butt it can be!

To your health & beauty,

Dr. Michelle Jones Singer

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Can a Vaginoplasty Get Your Sexy Back?

You’ve all heard about it, so now I’m going to tell you about it. Vaginoplasty. Vajayjay repair. Designer Vagina. There are lots of names but there’s primarily one procedure. As an Indianapolis cosmetic surgeon, a board certified OB/GYN and a woman, I’m uniquely qualified to perform them, and to explain what a vaginoplasty is and why you might need one.

First, what is a Vaginoplasty?  A vaginoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure. The purpose is to tighten the vagina by eliminating excess lining and tightening the soft tissues and muscles in the vaginal area. In Indianapolis, Vaginoplasty is performed here in my cosmetic surgery practice quite often.

Why would someone want a Vaginoplasty?  Have you ever given birth vaginally? Are you over 45? Does your vaginal area seem looser than it used to, either when you insert a tampon or when you have intercourse? If you answered any or all of those questions with a “yes,” then a vaginoplasty might be right for you.

Childbearing affects the size of your vagina. As you know if you’ve delivered one or more children vaginally (that is, as opposed to having a C-Section), your vaginal area expanded a great deal during delivery. This is because the tissues and muscles in your vagina are designed to stretch to accommodate childbirth. Unfortunately, after that big stretch,  your vagina will never be as tight as it was before babies poked their little heads through it. And in fact, the more babies you deliver, the looser you’ll become.

Some women experience what’s called “vaginal prolapse” after childbearing, but this isn’t treated with a vaginoplasty. If your symptoms go beyond a feeling of vaginal looseness and include a “heavy” feeling in the vaginal area, a sense that something’s protruding in the vagina, painful intercourse, and/or difficulty with bowel or bladder elimination, I’ll be able to diagnose that on examination and recommend the proper treatment for you, which might include a surgical procedure in addition to a vaginoplasty.

Aging can cause vaginal sagging.  As we age, things become looser everywhere, don’t they? We start to wrinkle as our facial tissues become looser; our breasts start to droop with age; our butts lose volume and become droopy and flat and, unfortunately, so does our vaginal area. Aging contributes to vaginal laxity as much as can childbirth! The combination of childbirth plus aging can really make a gal miss the days when she was young and childfree!

So what’s wrong with a loose vagina?  For most women, vaginal laxity decreases sensation during intercourse, which means less sexual satisfaction. Some women find that it’s harder to reach orgasm because their vagina is loose; some women don’t reach orgasm through vaginal stimulation so that’s not a problem for them. Some women aren’t even aware that their vagina is much different until their partner brings it up. Remember, a looser vagina provides less friction for your partner, resulting in less enjoyment for both of you.

What about Kegels?  Kegels are exercises that can be done by women of any age who want to tighten things up “down there.” Imagine being in the middle of urinating and you wish to stop the flow of urine. The same muscles you use to stop urinating are the muscles you use when performing a kegel exercise. For years women were told to perform kegels to tighten up the vaginal area after childbirth or aging. Unfortunately, kegels can only do so much and when muscles and tissue are loose, no amount of kegels will restore your original vaginal tightness.

What will a Vaginoplasty do for me?  Because a vaginoplasty tightens the vagina to pre-baby size, increased sexual satisfaction is a direct result.  As a side benefit, a tighter vagina wraps more tightly about things inserted into the vagina, whether it’s electric, battery powered or human. In short, sex is righter when you’re tighter.

Are there any risks to a Vaginoplasty?  There are risks with any surgery, whether it’s cosmetic or reconstructive, including infection, scarring and bleeding. The risk of these occurring are, however, very small. Bleeding is carefully controlled during the procedure. Scarring is carefully managed by judicious application of the tiniest sutures possible. Infection is essentially pre-treated by giving you antibiotics after your procedure. As with any surgery, smoking afterwards increases your risks of infection and poor healing, so smoking is definitely out for a month before and at least six weeks after vaginoplasty. Besides, why get all sexy’d up and then destroy your sex appeal with a lit cigarette hanging from your mouth? Best to stop altogether. You’ll smell better and heal faster without nicotine.

With any surgery, there are recommendations made about activity. It would be obvious that after a tummy tuck, for example, you’d be advised to avoid heavy lifting. In similar fashion, after a vaginoplasty, I’d want you to avoid heavy lifting, certain physical exercises and intercourse until I tell you it’s OK to resume those activities.

How long does a Vaginoplasty procedure take?  Generally 1-2 hours plus 1-2 hours in the recovery room.

What kind of anesthesia would I have?  Vaginoplasty can be performed under conscious sedation or general anesthesia. We’d discuss that during our private consultation in my Indianapolis cosmetic surgery office. Don’t worry, as a woman myself, and as a board certified physician, you won’t suffer pain during your procedure under my watch!

Will I have stitches?  Yes, you will, but they’re all inside and they dissolve with time; you don’t have to come in for me to remove any sutures. I will see you for postoperative checkups, but not for suture removal.

How long must I stay off work or social activities?  Most of my vaginoplasty patients find that taking a week from work is plenty. Those who have the surgery on a Wednesday or Thursday often feel good enough to return to work the next Monday. Much depends on the type of work you do: if you are an office worker and spend your day at a desk, you’ll feel OK to return to work sooner than someone who is a FedEx delivery person!

What about Labiaplasty?  You can have labiaplasty at the same time as a Vaginoplasty. A labiaplasty addresses the labia, which, for some women, are overly large or don’t match on both sides. Some women have labia so large that it’s painful to wear tight pants or jeans or when they sit on a bicycle seat. Some women are embarrassed in exercise wear or swimwear because their labia are so obvious. It’s a simple enough procedure that you really should have it done if any of the above descriptions fit your situation. Feel free to ask me about this at your consultation in my Indianapolis cosmetic surgery office.

What does a Vaginoplasty cost?  It varies a bit depending on the kind of anesthesia we use, but in general, you should expect to pay less than $6000 for the procedure and all the adjacent fees for anesthesia, OR time, etc. This includes all your exams and postop visits as well. We have financing available if you’d like to budget your procedure and we do accept all major credit cards.

Isn’t this kind of procedure a bit over the top? I mean, who really “needs” something like this?  Truthfully, there’s everything right with feeling beautiful and comfortable all over, including in your vajayjay! It’s your right and privilege to take advantage of safe, proven procedures that help you feel youthful and happy. Sex is fun and pleasurable and a normal human desire. If making your vagina tighter increases that pleasure and helps you feel closer and more intimate with that special someone in your life, I don’t see how that can ever be a bad thing.

To your health & beauty,

Dr. Michelle Jones Singer

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When is the Right Time for a Mommy Makeover?

Many of the women who visit us here at the Cosmetic Surgery of Indianapolis practice are concerned about their bodies post-baby. Some of them gave birth to their last child less than a year prior to our consultation, while others have grandchildren. It’s never too late to think about restoring your body!

Although babies are wonderful, they can certainly wreak havoc on a woman’s body: stretch marks, sagging belly, breasts that hang, are too big or that shrank after breastfeeding. Many women spend the rest of their lives looking into the mirror at a body that displeases them. They hide their bodies under baggy clothing, they keep trying to find “just the right bra” to lift up their breasts, and they give up on sexy beachwear and lingerie.

Well, there’s no need for any of that with today’s advances in cosmetic procedures that can bring your body as close as possible to its pre-baby silhouette. A Mommy Makeover is a two-procedure process that addresses all of the above problems: a breast enhancement and a tummy tuck, sometimes with the addition of liposuction. Depending on your needs, a breast augmentation with a lift will work for you; some women need a breast reduction (which includes the breast lift as well). A Tummy Tuck will go a long way to restoring your self-confidence, not to mention the way your clothing will fit you. The final touch, a bit of VASER liposuction, will trim away any little pockets of fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise.

Here are the steps we recommend for those considering a Mommy Makeover:

  • First, lose all the weight you need to, prior to any plan to resculpt your body. No sense undergoing liposuction or a tummy tuck if you still have 20 or more pounds that you’d love to get rid of because you won’t be happy with your results.
  • Make sure you really are finished building your family. Getting pregnant after a Mommy Makeover will undo all the work that was done.
  • Be as healthy as possible. You don’t want to have surgery if you’re still smoking or if you’re too busy and worn out with family and career concerns to take care of yourself during your recovery.
  • Make sure the family is on board. This is similar to the above–be sure you have your family’s support in this because you’ll need someone to watch the kids (if you still have young ones), do the grocery shopping and help with housework and meals for at least a week afterwards. I don’t want my patients lifting children or heavy grocery bags for at least 4-6 weeks.
  • Schedule a consultation with us to see what we can do for you. There is no charge for this private meeting with me, during which we’ll discuss all the available options.
  • Once your procedure is scheduled, be sure to arrange for enough time from work, ie, a week, to recover.
  • Go shopping for new lingerie! Wait until your post-op swelling has gone down in your breasts to buy new bras but before your procedure, treat yourself to some new negligees. You might not feel up to wearing them til you’re completely healed but when you are ready to spice things up in the bedroom, you’ll be ready!

It’s important for us women to take good care of ourselves–not just for others, but also for ourselves!

To your health & beauty,

Michelle Jones Singer, MD

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